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TURCK Technology: Proximity, Measurement, Monitoring and Position Sensing


  • Resists high heat, weld slag buildup and abrasion
  • Up to 500 times more durable than other sensors
  • Embeddable or non-embeddable
  • Available in weld-field immune Uprox® and standard ferrite core versions
  • ArmorGuard ™ protection for sensors in impact-prone locations

Inductive Sensors

  • Amphibian ™ washdown versions
  • High temperature and low temperature
  • Harsh duty (IP 67, 68, 69K)
  • Die protection
  • Ring & slot versions
  • Intrinsically safe versions


  • Unique design provides higher reliability and longer relay life
  • Integral mounting bracket and pin numbering on the socket for faster wiring


  • Detect all metal types at the same sensing range
  • Inherently weld-field immune
  • Up to 350% more range than conventional sensors
  • Wide -30°C (-22°F) to +85°C (+185°F) temperature range

Flow Monitors

  • Insertion and in-line styles, self-contained or remote amplifier
  • Omnidirectional stainless steel, plastic or PTFE housings

Capacitive Sensors

  • Non-contact sensing of metallic and non-metallic materials
  • Ideal for level detection
  • Available in DC, AC and IS models
  • Solid-state output, high switching frequency, no moving parts


  • Compact size fits in confined areas where other sensors can’t
  • Superior 3 mm (0.01") to 50 mm (0.20") range
  • Models from 5 mm to 80 mm size with embeddable versions

Pressure Sensors

  • Bar or PSI measuring units & peak pressure memory function
  • 13 pressure ranges from Vacuum to 600 bar
  • Standard hysteresis mode for over/under pressure

EZ-Track® Linear Displacement Transducers

  • Magnetorestrictive non-contact sensing
  • Absolute position sensing
  • +/-0.01% accuracy and repeatability of up to +/-0.001% of full stroke



  • Tiny 4 mm, 5 mm, 6.5 mm & 8 mm stainless steel housings
  • Extended range to 4 mm

Linear Analog Sensors

  • Voltage and or current output proportional to target distance from sensor
  • Available in limit switch, barrel or Q-pak® rectangular styles
  • Remote amplifiers available with adjustable switching points

Kübler by TURCK Encoders

  • Incremental and absolute, shaft and hollow-shaft models
  • Single- and multi-turn absolute models in shaft and hollow-shaft styles
  • Temperature and aging compensation
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